To keep your machinery running optimally, we have a fully equipped Golf Buggy Service and repair facilities completed by manufacturer trained service technicians. Our staff have specialist knowledge in the equipment we sell. We also offer on site repairs from all our locations.

A typical Annual Golf Buggy Service would cover the following:

Engine (Petrol Driven)

  • Drain and renew engine oil using a good quality lubricant
  • Replace oil filter if fitted
  • Replace air filter
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Change engine spark plug


  • Check and test all batteries (electric golf cars) for condition
  • Clean all terminals
  • Wash batteries with bi-carbonate of soda


  • Remove brake drums and check for brake linings, check brake linkage, reassemble and adjust brakes


  • Grease any relevant points
  • Check tyre pressures
  • Check starter motor brushes for wear
  • Check drive belt for wear
  • Check and adjust starter belt
  • Check gearbox oil level
  • Run and test car
  • Clean car thoroughly
  • Check car for loose nuts and bolts

Our expert sales personnel would be pleased to offer any advice to assist you in your choice, please do not hesitate to contact us.