8″ Sport Style Chrome Wheel Covers

Wheel Covers

The easy way to dress up your E-Z-GO vehicle – because sometimes looks are everything!

Turbine Spoke Wheel Covers

Here’s the traditional look preferred by many golf courses.

Available in Silver or Gold

Stryker Tyre, 22×9-10

Aggresive tread pattern provides plenty of traction in sand, mud and snow to keep you on the go!

Choice of 2 rims

Turf Saver Tyre and Wheel

Designed to improve traction and minimize damage to
fairways and turf.

Trailwolf Tyre and Wheel 20×11-10

Long lasting and durable, great in dirt and mud, these tyres are designed to get you there – and get you back!

Choice of 2 rims.

18″ Pro Tyre with Polished or Brushed Wheel Spoke

Pathfinder Tyre with Brushed or Polished Aluminium Wheel

Our Pathfinder tyres have a unique tread pattern, and come with a choice of 2 rims. They are specifically designed to work with the E-Z-GO lift kit.